Love Cycles by Linda Carroll

The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love

"This beautifully written book is replete with valuable
information. We recommend it to all couples."
— Harville Hendrix, PhD & Helen Lakelly Hunt, PhD
authors of Making Marriage Simple
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    From The Merge . . .
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    To Wholehearted Loving
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    Five Stages
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    Lasting Love
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    Love Cycles


Love Cycles: International

el amor

Love truly is the international language:

Linda Carroll’s Love Cycles, now in its 2nd English printing, will soon be translated into Spanish, Turkish, and Korean.

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Linda's Upcoming Events

In these inspiring appearances, author and veteran couples therapist Linda Carroll provides a roadmap to the mysterious, difficult, and wondrous journey through five distinct and essential relationship stages that lead to wholehearted love.

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linda carroll love cycles
Imagine this promo blurb on the inside cover of a book:

“Once upon a time, there were two people who enjoyed perfect childhoods, fell in love, and sustained a sunny, passionate relationship over many decades. One day, after long and continuously healthy lives, they died.”

Few people, of course, would buy such a book. We know that the human journey is about struggle and triumph, the wonders of resilience and overcoming obstacles, and the development of a self. A relationship journey is no different, except that two people experience this growth together.
linda carroll love cycles
Linda Carroll's Love Cycles will teach you how to rediscover love, fun, and passion in your most intimate partnership, no matter how challenging your relationship has become. It is a book that is relevant and applicable to people of all ages, gender identifications, social backgrounds, and personal histories.

Full disclosure: This is not the usual kind of self-help book. Instead, Love Cycles is an original and coherent theory about the cycle of romantic relationships, providing a guide for how to effectively navigate this cycle—whether you are gay or straight, single, divorced, coupled, married, or contemplating engagement.

Love Cycles will help you to understand where you are in the circle of a relationship and provide strategies and clarity on how stay happy and committed, even in difficult times. Our road map will take you from The Merge, through Doubt and Denial, Disillusionment, and Decision to the joy of Wholehearted Love.

linda carroll love cycles
Love Cycles unlocks the secrets of attraction, showing why we don't always choose the person who is best for us, why even the most solid-seeming couples don't always make it, and how unlikely-seeming couples sometimes are truly meant for each other.

Love Cycles is for people who want a healthy, rewarding, committed relationship—now and in the future.
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We are thrilled that
Love Cycles is
Foreword Reviews’ 2014
INDIEFAB Book of the Year
Award Winner!
Bronze, Self-Help

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Now in its 2nd Printing,
Love Cycles will soon be translated into Spanish, Turkish, and Korean!
“To fall in love is natural. For love to last is not. Long-lasting love results from the necessary work that two people dothe self-work, primarilyto create a strong, durable partnership over time.”

—from Love Cycles

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