The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love

“One of the grounding principles of Love Cycles is that love is not merely an emotion but a practice, a daily ritual we undertake.”

Linda Carroll


Every relationship has challenges, whether full of promise and hope, in a crisis, or just needing a tune-up. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I offer my 35 years of expertise to coach you in improving, deepening, and strengthening your relationship.

Alongside the upcoming publication of Love Cycles, I offer the following:

<i>Love Cycles</i>: The Book
Love Cycles: The Book

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Coaching Services
Coaching Services

I offer one-on-one coaching for couples and individuals by phone and via Skype.
* Sessions can be scheduled one at a time or in reduced-rate packages.

Single Session
Great for occasional “tune-ups” following several past sessions, or for dealing with one, small, specific issue and discovering what stage you are in. Single sessions include recommendations on how to move toward Wholehearted Loving and the chance to briefly practice techniques for prevention.
60 minutes.
Savings Package
Savings Package

Because many of us find that we need ongoing support to make changes, I am offering a significant reduction for packages of 5 sessions, with 6 months to complete the package.

I will teach you about infinity loops (the repeated arguments that never seem to end) and help you discover effective ways to get out of them. We will explore the five essential qualities of good communication, how to repair trust, and the tree most important things to do to bring back passion and intimacy into your relationship.

Five 60-minute sessions.
Remember Who You Are
Remember Who You Are

The Seven Stages in a Woman’s Spiritual Path, which became the seed for Remember Who You Are, began an animated conversation on an airplane ride between Delhi and Bangkok among Linda and her friends, photographer Karen Ruckman and therapist Ann Ladd.

They imagined creating a book together about outward and inward journeys, taking inspiration from their travels to Asia and their shared curiosity about women’s spiritual paths.

When Linda began to write the book, she realized that the poems which had been her steady companions throughout her life beautifully illuminated the various stages of a woman’s life journey.
Her Mother's Daughter
Her Mother's Daughter

The daughter of esteemed writer Paula Fox and the mother of Courtney Love relates “the curse of the first-born daughter” that has haunted four generations of her family.

Her Mother’s Daughter is Linda Carroll’s story of self-discovery as an adopted daughter, a childlike hippie mother, and a woman determined to find herself before finding her roots.

Set apart from the typical celebrity memoir by Carroll’s gifted storytelling,
Her Mother’s Daughter gives a fresh perspective on the elusive yet enduring connections between mothers and daughters, and reveals the true history of the wildly confabulatory Courtney Love.

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* A note regarding phone calls and Skype:
Like relationships, counseling involves trust and intimacy. Nothing replaces human contact. While Skype is essentially a visual phone call, it provides an easy-to-use technology that allows us to be there with each other—even at great distances. I am quite comfortable using either the phone or Skype for coaching purposes, and I am confident that you will, too. For more complicated issues beyond a coach's reach, I may recommend counseling with someone in your area.

“While each relationship I have witnessed has its own distinct dynamics and challenges, all of them seem to follow the stages that I describe in this book. I share some of their stories here. But the book also springs from my own circuitous path toward creating a healthy partnership. As someone who has struggled mightily with every aspect of intimacy and who has firsthand experience of love’s intensity, danger, and promise, I offer my hard-earned wisdom and the humility that accompanies it. After hearing my story, someone once said to me about creating a thriving relationship: “If you can do it, anyone can!” It is this fundamental optimism about love’s renewing power that animates Love Cycles.”

Linda Carroll